Teams with Experts

A good translator has a specialty, but is aware of the limits of her content knowledge; experts in the field supplement her knowledge. If necessary, editors, layout designers, content managers and project leaders also join in.


Target Group Oriented

Someone from the target group reads along: 'Working with good translators also provides a lot of fun. It's nice to be questioned about the terminology of your profession, or the best way to express new insights.'


Adjusted to your Budget

We establish a team containing every expertise, including yours. You only delegate to us what you don't want to do.


Agile Project Teams

From a large network of experienced professionals, we assemble a team in which all necessary skills are represented at least twice.

We call this the SpecialTiesTM Approach

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One of the nice things about language professionals is that they communicate quickly and adequately, so feel free to get in touch. 

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