Proposed rates 2023

Word Rates based on Source Text

Hourly rates

Terminology (captions, index terms, etc.)

€ 96

Medical writing / content editing

€ 112

Project management

€ 83,50


Books and E-books

by arrangement

Translation of articles excl. SME

(SME: subject matter expert)

EUR 0.174

Translation incl. Subject Matter Expert

EUR 0.245


EUR 0.245

Note: for shorter articles and urgent deadlines, an extra administration fee of € 49 will be charged.

What the media say

About DSM-5:

"The Dutch translation of the DSM-5 is surprisingly good"

NRC WEEKEND, 12 and 13 april 2014

About NOC:

"Finally, a word of praise for the translators [..] who made this work accessible for Dutch nurses. It must have been a ginormous job."